I'm thrilled you're here. The past ten years of being a wedding photographer has brought more joy, beauty, travel and inspiration than I ever thought possible! Each and every wedding, shoot and trip stays with me, and I'm thankful for this beautiful medium of photography that captures and preserves memories. 

I live on a 40-acre farm outside Philadelphia with my husband Tim and our Aussie Shepherd Oliver, where we find constant inspiration in nature and the beauty of simple moments.

My hope for you is that my presets allow you to have a simple tool for enhancing and preserving memories beautifully. Designed for wedding, portrait, lifestyle and fashion photographers, we are excited for you to add these into your workflow!  If you'd like to view more of our wedding work, feel free to check out our website below! 


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I'm deeply inspired by the colors found in nature. I  like to think I  view the world through a lens of light and beauty, and my photography style has developed naturally towards this viewpoint. The coastal colors and soft blues found in the ocean have been a source of inspiration to me for as long as I  can remember. 

The countryside of france & Italy

The countryside has undeniably shaped my love for soft muted greens, glowing sunsets and faded colors. My two favorite places in the world are Tuscany and Provence - both sources of endless inspiration of colors. 

European Architecture

I  love the soft, faded creams and tans found in European architecture! The presets look beautiful in all environments, but shine beautifully on light backdrops especially. All of the arches, delicate details, soft blue-tinged rooftops in cities like Paris, and creamy tones have inspired my work for a decade.


The Inspiration

WhY shoot digital? I believe it's an important medium with undeniable benefits. As much as I love film, the convenience of digital makes it an irreplaceable part of my shooting workflow. 

These presets are for everyone. They're not intentionally crafted to be an exact duplicate of film, because in my opinion, there's just a difference in the mediums that should be embraced. Instead, I created presets years ago that we've used since then that take the best parts of film: Soft colors, low contrast, true to life, warm skin tones, low-tone greens and natural blues. 

Inspired by the best parts of what I love about film, but curated very specifically for digital images. Our presets won't duplicate film; they will lend a gorgeous feeling to your images that's reminiscent of it.

I'm so happy you're here! Whether you're a fully digital photographer, you're dabbling in the film world, or you simply like the look of beautiful, true to life colors with soft greens and warm skin tones, these presets are for you. 

I'm a hybrid photographer. I adore the look + feel of film, but also utilize digital at every single wedding I shoot. The benefits of hybrid shooting are undeniable, and having the right tools to blend the two seamlessly are so important. You do not need to have ever shot film in order to use and love our presets! 


Film & Digital




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